Saturday, January 09, 2016

Some Musings On 'Forensic Files'.

~Why does every cop, diagnostic expert, and detective on the show look like they need to take a poop really bad all the time?

~I just watched an episode where every suspect questioned in a murder had a mullet. The year was 2007. Try some diversity, Florida.

~After about thirty episodes, three of the convicted murderers had the last name 'Overstreet', so if you ever meet a dude with the same last name, you about-face on the spot and run as fast as your fat little legs will take you. Sorry, that was a note to myself. I'm sure your legs are lovely.

~Here's the thing, crime world. If you stick your dick in something that you have murdered, you are not only a gross guy, but also an easy police target now.
~The whole show is like one big "here's how to get caught murdering someone" manual. After all 80 episodes, you'd be the perfect assailant. Thanks for all of the super smart murders, Forensic Files.

~sarah p.

Jams Of The Week (Goody Goody Rap Edition):

~sarah p.