Saturday, June 25, 2005

Awosting Fun

Guess what? I'm not dead, and am pretty much in love with camp, especially the CLC girls. Will write more later... It's good to be back.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Connecticut calling....

Well guys, it's been real, but it's time for me to head back over to Connecticut for another summer....I've said most of my goodbyes in person already, but if I missed you for some reason, here it is.
I'll miss you guys a ton, but will be back by September 1st for more Calgary hijinks.

All my love,
sarah p.

p.s. Ron, we better see you this summer....

p.p.s. Someone's going to have to keep up my routine of fun and adventure in Calgary while I'm gone... Here are some things that someone must do in my place while I'm gone (you guys can take turns):
~listen to Marco's show on Thursdays @ 10:30 on CJSW.
~go to HiFi on Friday, and show Rob Faust that you know how to shake your ass.
~go hang out at Cedar's Deli on Friday afternoons.
~Did I hear that Arrested Development is playing at the Folk Fest? If I was here this summer, I would totally go check that out (so someone has to go check that out for me). I saw them once before, and it was a pretty solid show.
~The new drink? Finlandia Cranberry vodka, Pinapple juice, and a little Sprite. Drink some of these while I'm gone, and thank me later.

p.p.p.s. I'll still be able to update, but just not as often as I am now... So check back now and then, okay?


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Links (in haiku form):

The In Sound's got songs
Shake ass straight to mental ward
Won't stop even then.

Learning idioms
Kids get literal with it
I can draw stuff too.

Always wanted to
Rip a phone book into two halves
Good thing I'm so buff.

My whole house should be
full of furniture that looks
like something is wrong.

In Japan, pigs say
"Boo Boo", and dogs say "Wong Wong"
maybe they're confused.

...Maybe I should have warned you guys that I am probably the worst haiku poet of all time. I literally have to clap along with the syllables to count them.

I'm almost all packed away!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

5 days left...

...and the weather here is still miserable. I was hoping to achieve "goal #1" (only Nicole will understand that) before camp, but it's just not going to happen. On the plus side, the weather in Connecticut looks good and hot (much hotter than other years when I've arrived)....If I'm lucky enough, the sun just might wait for me in New England.

I am really enjoying not working (I was a lazy-ass at Dylan's today, and then I came home to be even more of a lazy-ass), although my days are going way too fast. By Tuesday morning, I will be landing in Hartford. They should take one of the camp's yellow busses to pick me up at the airport, and everyone should come along so that I don't have to wait to see them.

I will be packing all night tonight....I already have the sinking feeling that I'm forgetting something big.

Hey! My good friend Ian has a band in Vancouver, and they finally have a few tracks online. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


So, Selina wins everything off of the radio, and when she won 112 tickets, we were like "meh....". At first, we weren't even going to go. We didn't even really know many 112 songs (although, I'm not ashamed to say, 'Only You' is a track I know off-by-heart). Then, we realized that it didn't really matter, and we should go no matter what. The doors opened at 8, so when Selina was done work at 6:30, I dropped by the store, and we drank in the back with Andre for an hour and a half. I ended up way too drunk, danced my ass off, and had a great night.

Selina and Andre and I in the back of the store.

Selina and I in pro-saucemonster mode.

A little 112 action.....Can you say front-row??? Hell yeah I can.

I'm sauced...

...because I'm in training for camp.

Just so you guys know, I am not too cool to go to a 112 concert and get totally smashed.

Yeah, and by the way, 3 out of 4 members agree: 112 wants to do me. I'm pretty glad I'm old enough to know that it's probably not cool to sleep with dudes in a touring band.

Pictures tomorrow. Sleep now.

Monday, June 06, 2005

My last Sunday Skool....

So, this is a wacky photo.... Umm, so we went to HiFi last night, and it wasn't a crazy shin-dig, but we had a great time. Jeff and Claude showed up, and Dwayne was there as well...Danced a bit, drank some amaretto sours ( I think Allison and I are the reason why they keep amaretto at the bar at HiFi).

On the way to HiFi.

Jeff and Claude in some serious conversation.

Ooooohhh Allison. I care about the environment, but this photo will make me laugh forever.

Food after the bar is one of the best parts...One of them.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

So rumor has it...

...That tomorrow night's Sunday Skool @ HiFi = Where it's at.
Okay, maybe I was the one that started that rumor.

Seriously, you guys should come...Everyone is invited (but even if no one shows, and it's just Allison and I, I'm going to make the night magic, as it's my last one for a while).

Here's tonight's mission for the masses:

Go download some Lyn Collins, and rock yourself again and again and again... (Marco and Allison are probably the only people that will get that reference, but get to downloading, and you'll understand, too. Hop to it!).

P.S. Ron Bronson, you need to visit soon, because we are going to miss you like crazy this summer (and actually, you probably understood the above reference, too).

Friday, June 03, 2005

Photo Bonanza (horrible drunken photos ahead)...

So, I actually like this photo...I was at the 7-11, waiting for Allison in the car, while she went in and grabbed us some twinkies, and the lighting seemed right, so I dragged the shutter and took a photo!

This is Selina and Melanie and I in the limo on our way to a , umm, not-so-classy establishment. Matt ran out to the limo and gave us a bottle of champagne...

Man, I love limos and champagne. One day, I'll live like Biggie Smalls all of the time, and this is pretty much all I'll do. Plus, I'll go to the drive-thru in the limo a bunch.

So, we get there, and my pal Martin is busting moves all over the place! I think he's about to bite me in this photo...Then, he made out with Selina on the dancefloor for a while, which is funnier to me than you could ever imagine. Look at the kid in the backround... He had braces, and kept hitting on Melanie non-stop...I spent half the night trying to get him off of her.

So, we had free drinks all night, and for some reason I was hitting the Smirnoff Triple Black pretty hard...I don't even really like that stuff that much, but it always reminds me of Paul Whitehouse, and that one '03 party at the White House with Emma and Laura.

So, this is the following night, and I'm in Amy's kitchen, where we had some drinks before going to HiFi.

Amy looks stunned in this photo, and Chris looks like a bad-ass.

Shauna and Amy and I in our favorite HiFi seat. Allison had the camera all night, and she took some RAD photos (some of which are not appropriate for public consumption).

I don't know who took this photo of Allison and Chris, but man...Look at Chris' eye! Awesome.

Allison wanted to take a picture of the three of us, but Shauna just would not stop dancing!

Here are Amy and Chris again...What is up with Chris and red-eye? Crazy.

Anyway, it was about damn time for some photos, right?

I switched over to Flickr, which I didn't want to do, as I liked Hello better, but oh, well...This'll do.