Thursday, April 27, 2006

A public service announcement:

Hey gentlemen. It's getting warm out. 15C is warm, but not amazingly warm. The temptation to wear a tank-top must be unbearable at this point, but really, it's not time yet. I don't need to see your armpit hair until the thermometer reaches at least 25C. Thanks.
(and when you do wear a tank-top, I don't need to see what kind of beer you drink on it. This does not make you seem like a "party animal").

*******The more you know.

(really, guys....I'll love you no matter what you wear).

Monday, April 24, 2006

Party at Soucy's.... Volume 2.

You guys, Soucy is back from Costa Rica. Think we all know what that means... Party at Soucy's this weekend.
I am so excited, I'll probably vomit at least once.
No joke.

...Wish you guys were here (I'll take photos).

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday burritos.

Crystal and I got some free beers at the Drum, then rocked Broken City last night.

Here's a fun game : which words are real, and which are made up? Amy and I are very lucky to have an amazing collection of fridge letters.

Here's some stuff that, if I had more time, I would be writing fanletters to:

*Burritos on a Sunday.
*Marco Primo, who gave me two amazing CDs last night. You guys should hang out at Broken City more often, Marco will make you dance (p.s.... He's totally filling in for Cosm right now on CJSW, you should listen...Plus listen to him on Thursdays at 10:30).
*My cab driver last night, who had a whole collection of dog bobble-heads on his dashboard, and was pretty much the nicest cab driver of all time.

Hope you guys had a top-notch weekend.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mid-Weekend Review.

Happy birthday, Crystal!

Ultra-mega-hot Amy and Allison.

Remember that beam of light that kept hitting on me last weekend? He's back, and he brought a friend. Unfortunately, I was too busy with Allison to notice (or maybe, once again, the camera strap got in the way).

We love Amy!

Apparently Allison and I joined a gang at some point in the evening. I don't remember this happening.

Some dude put his coat behind me, and was like "can you guard my coat?". I was like "yeah, I guess so", then I made this face so he thought I was serious. I was not.
p.s. Fishbowls......Hell yeah.

Here's a game for you. In this picture are my feet, Amy's feet, and Allison's feet. Which feet belong to which girl? I'll give you a hint... I'm super down with silver these days.

This is the beginning of the night, I think. Allison and I got serious.....Serious about Fishbowls.

For the record, notice the impeccable cleanliness of the inside of my nose.

I don't really remember this one, but apparently it was fun.

p.s. ask me to tell you about how my friends and I became the world's biggest advocates of hobo poetry later.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Someone needs to hold me back,

'Cause I'm about to bust out for the long weekend.
Pictures soon.

Love. You. Guys.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In anticipation of a long weekend...

This ghost beam of light was totally hitting on me all night. Sorry, dude. Not gonna happen. Okay, maybe it was the camera strap or something.

Allison got artistic. Cigarette butts are the basis of most great art.

Amy and Megan enjoying the evening.

From time to time, I enjoy a nice beverage or two.

Megan and Allison make the night come alive with magic.

Amy also enjoys beverages.

....and I enjoy Amy, too.

Allison and I always keep it real, but especially in cabs.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sorry, guys...I've been lazy.

You know, some people would blame this outstanding photo on the camera angle, but there was something awesome in the air that night, and I'm pretty sure that's why these photos are so perfect.
Amy took this one, I'm going to let Amy have the camera more from now on.
Duane was super jazzed, as the Flames had just won a game. Balls to face, man. Balls. To. Face.
Allison wanted a pose? I gave her a pose.
It has been scientifically proven that Amy and I win at life.