Thursday, February 04, 2016

Ten Signs You Grew Up In Calgary In The 80's/Early 90's.

1.The visit from the pandas had you hyped the fuck up. I ate slices of panda ice cream, and dressed in a panda theme for months in '88.

2. You thought Heidi and Howdy weren't the worst Olympic mascots of all-time. You hear me Izzy? Little fucker.

 3. You remember a time before Hanna-Barbera pulled the plug on a Flinstones-themed Calaway Park.

 4. Even as a small child, you thought the "Hello Calgary" jingle was way, way too fucking enthusiastic.

 5. You still cut your six-pack rings to avoid another "Ed The Duck" incident.

 6. You recall a time when Darrel Janz was deemed a suitable host for the New Year's festivities at First Night Festival, because nothing gets people more jazzed for ringing in a new year than an aging, stoic news dude.

 7. You actually thought, for about 45 seconds, that The Earthtones had a shot at worldwide success, because they made it onto Tarzan Dan's 'Hit List' a few times.

 8. Hell yeah you met Buckshot, and didn't question at all why Benny had a hand up his ass.

 9. You remember when the Sam The Record Man on Stephen Ave started phasing out records to the back of the store. Before long, it was just "Sam's", and you clearly remember the clerk telling your dad that cassettes were totally the way of the future anyway. Six years later, you bought your first CD at A&B Sound a block away as they shuffled the cassettes up to that weird third level beside the Ticketmaster. 

 10. Some dick kid from your elementary school was on Kidstreet with their sister, and bragged incessantly about meeting Kevin Frank and getting to actually touch the prize wall.

~sarah p.

Jams Of The Week (Ain't Easy Edition):

~sarah p.