Tuesday, March 22, 2005

For those who doubted me....

I can get dressed up like a total prostitute and get really loud-mouthed and quick-witted, and spend my night with a bunch of lame-ass college kids (except for the always fantastic Allison), and steal tables from the back of the club....Wait...Is this a surprise to anyone? Anyone?

Okay....Now I'm going away for real for a couple of days. There's something about moving that makes me want to get trashed at 9AM (and I I think I totally would be if I didn't have to work at 1). HATE moving.

Monday, March 21, 2005

I'll miss you guys, but....

Mr. Computer must move....Hope to be back online by Thursday, if all goes well. Then I promise some more lovely photos and stories.
Ciao for now!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

This just in:

I'm moving until 9PM tops....Then I'm going to need to go release some prrrrrresh-ah.
...Think we all know what that means. I'll take photos.

Hot off the press:

I hate moving.... So. Much.
...Even if it is only 10 blocks away.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My favorite album of the year so far....

M.I.A.'s Arular.

...Think of salty, Peaches-esque rhymes over beats that sound like a bastardized cross between dancehall and UK grime. So fucking hot.


So, there's really not much to say tonight, and I'm crazy exhausted....Here are some links!

*When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Hiƫronymus Bosch. I was a bit of an odd-bird as a child, trust me. I found these Hiƫronymus Bosch figures, and they made me pretty excited.

*In the summer, I go to Wal-Mart a lot...Mostly for entertainment purposes. Needless to say, I don't feel good about it. I'll let Jon Stewart explain. P.S. : Check out the rest of the site...It's full of some top-notch Daily Show clips. Love you, Jon Stewart.

*These kids are crazy.....Crazy awesome.

*This is amazing. I've been a big fan of Post-Its lately....Remember when I said that I was doing a big conceptual art project? I'm still not ready to discuss the project, but I will say that it involves tons of Post-it notes. I've already gone through 16 packs!

*Let's take some stuff, and make it even more awesome! Melony taught me the importance of making your clothes even better by cutting them up. I can't sew at all, but it's very important to have flair, right?

*Natalie Dee, I have a friendship-crush on you. Please run away with me to a secluded island, and you can draw me pictures all day, and I'll mix you exotic drinks, and catch you some fish.

*A Spike Jonze Adidas commercial. Ooooooh.

*I read Vice magazine almost religiously. However, I have never once claimed that it was a respectable publication. However, after reading this issue, they've earned my respect for this month.

*I'm not always a complete moron, so I like to keep up-to-date on the science world at this site.

*I like nice shirts. I don't own any nice shirts, but I like to look at them.

*This is my friend Solomon's site. He sent me the link a while ago, and he's taken some amazing photos since we finished school....Love that kid. Maybe I'll start linking to my friend's photo sites every once in a while. Some of them have some very nice work online.

Okay...Off to bed.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another dancetacular night at HiFi...This is Shauna. Nights out with Shauna are always full of excitement, and I'm always glad to have her stick up for me when people are, umm, not so nice. On the way home, Allison and I got pizza, then we got chicken shwarma. Pretty sure I ate too much, and had way too much fun. Allison introduced me to amaretto sours, and I drank them the whole night. Allison knows her cocktails.
When I got home there was an awesome surprise in my room!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Just found out...

I can mix one hell of a good whiskey sour...Try me sometime.

Sorry for all the mini-posts, will probably have some good pics at the end of the night (HiFi again!).

Hey weather......

Remember that time that you were really nice for part of the day, and I got my hopes up and went outside, and then 10 minutes later you got all cold and rainy just to spite me???
You should, because it happened today. Bastard.

I would love to stay and chat, but...

It's seriously 20C outside (that's 68F!), and I need to go frolic.


Thursday, March 10, 2005


Happy Birthday, Kate!!!! Hope you had a great day. Love you and miss you a ton.

Oh, yes, and good luck with your interview, Nicole!

BTW, I actually slept last night....Finally. Then, I ate a breakfast this morning that put all of my regular breakfasts to shame. Thanks! : )

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world...

So, I was at the lights, about to cross the street, and I spotted a familiar face on the other side. In my head, I thought "Del-Boy? What the hell is Del-Boy doing in Calgary?"
Not joking, I swore that Del was on the other side of the street from me. By this time, I was staring as hard as I could. The light changed, and as I got closer, I was positive that it was Derrick....However, he didn't seem to recognize me. I passed by him, and as I turned around to get one more look, he turned around completely and said in a very non-Scottish accent "Nice ass."
Okay, so it wasn't Del-Boy, but I swear it was his genetic equivalent. Strange.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

News Flash:

I'm tired. 2 nights in a row with no sleep.

Why am I not sleeping?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Finally, some action on a Friday!

So, I always have Friday and Saturday off, and then I work at 10AM on Sundays. It always seems like everyone does all of the fun stuff on Saturday nights, and Fridays are usually boring. However....

It was like 15C outside (that's almost 60F), and I went to the Mac store to pick up an I-Pod. It was so nice out that I turned my 1/2 hour walk into a 3-hour excursion. Then I went to the thrift store and bought the hottest belt of all time.

I spent the rest of my day setting up my new I-Pod, and telling it how much I love it and stuff.

Then, at 9:30, I went and met Selina at work. We walked up to Options for some free drinks. Options is a crappy pub, but the food is good, and we don't have to pay for much. Here's on thing I never remember, though...Jagermeister always makes me feel horrible in the morning. Between Selina and I, we had two jugs of beer and 6 shots of Jager. Not smart. Then, Nikki shows up, and we play a drunken game of pool, and then spend a bunch of time surprising each other with tracks on the jukebox. Selina surprised me by dedicating "I'm a Gigolo" to me. I was pretty happy about that, and it made me laugh for pretty much the rest of the night.

So, at about 12:30, I get home, and Allison comes by and informs me that we're going out to the HiFi Club. Now, I hadn't put any effort into the way I dressed that day, so I wasn't even sure I'd get in (earlier in the night, while picking up Selina, Matt, my manager, said to me: "are you going clam-digging or something?", referencing my rolled-up pants and lack of real shoes). Anyway, I did get in, and Dwayne was there!!! I haven't seen him in years, so I was more than excited. I had a Stella (which I don't even like that much when I'm sober, but when I'm not...), and danced my ass off for about an hour, but by then it was almost 3, and we had to get Allison off to work.

Point is, it was a good Friday.

Here are some things that I will have to get used to now that I have an I-Pod: 1)People always trying to be my friend just because I have an I-Pod. 2) No longer having my Wednesday night free, as I have to go to the secret I-Pod owner's club....I mean, because I have to stay home and clean my I-Pod. Yeah, that's the ticket.... 3)I'll have to realize that the constant admiring stares in my direction are not actually at me, but at my obscenely attractive I-Pod.

From this day forward, Pink I-Pod Mini......

I promise to love you and take care of you, and buy you as many accessories as I possibly can.

I like it when Allison takes photos...They're always interesting.

HiFi is fun, especially when I'm about to be groped.

I can't figure out what the massive pile of stuff infront of us on the table is...It should be noted that the previous sentence was composed by someone with formal education in writing. I know it didn't make any sense...Trust me, I know.

How great was it to see Duane? Pretty great.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Camp life meets home life...

Rumor has it that Miss Nicole Boardway may or may not be having a bit of a visit with me in cowtown. Pretty sure that makes me so excited that I want to jump up and down and squeal like a piglet. What will happen when my Awosting life meshes with my Calgary life? Only good things can come out of this....Hope it happens, but if not, camp is only a few months away!

On another CLC-related note, Melony sent me such a nice e-mail last night, and it made me miss my Awosting girls so much that it actually made me a little sad. I miss waking up at 1AM because Melony is crawling into my bed, super-sauced, to tell me the gossip for the night. I miss my little Sarah B with her guitar, insisting that she isn't very good, and then rocking the CLC like nobody's business. I miss trips in the car with Sara D, listening to her say some of the most intelligent things I've ever heard. I miss staying up half the night to comfort Nicole during thunderstorms (I know that it probably isn't the greatest memory for you, Nicole, but still...). I miss the dance parties, the gossip sessions, and the never-ending amount of inside jokes. I hope you know how much I love you all.

Oh! And in case I ever decide to become a hobo, I will totally need this. As embarrassing as it is, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not up-to-date on my hobo-speak.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

You know what song I'm SO into right now?

Snoop Dogg's "Signs".
...Mostly because you get to hear Justin Timberlake say "fuck" a few times.

A lot of people don't know this, but Timberlake is pretty much one of my best friends. So last Sunday, we went to the amusement park, and I was like "Timberlake, I don't think I've ever heard you swear before". He was like "Oh, yeah?"
So then, he plays me the song, and I'm like "I'll be darned". Then Alyssa Milano invited us over to her house for scones.
So, that's what I did last Sunday. Well, either that, or I got up at 9AM and worked all day at the liquor store...I don't really remember. Sometimes, I get my days mixed up.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More on my dilemma..

You guys are always the voice of reason...I don't even like scanning my own negs. Unlike most stuff, a lab can actually do a better job at scanning than I can, and it's about as cheap as it gets.

By the way.....Pretty sure I'm getting a pink one.

I think I'm going to get it on Friday. I've had my face up against the window of the Mac store for way too long. I'm surprised they haven't been chasing me away with a broom. I am seriously so excited about this. Pretty sure I wouldn't be this excited about a neg scanner.