Saturday, March 05, 2005

Finally, some action on a Friday!

So, I always have Friday and Saturday off, and then I work at 10AM on Sundays. It always seems like everyone does all of the fun stuff on Saturday nights, and Fridays are usually boring. However....

It was like 15C outside (that's almost 60F), and I went to the Mac store to pick up an I-Pod. It was so nice out that I turned my 1/2 hour walk into a 3-hour excursion. Then I went to the thrift store and bought the hottest belt of all time.

I spent the rest of my day setting up my new I-Pod, and telling it how much I love it and stuff.

Then, at 9:30, I went and met Selina at work. We walked up to Options for some free drinks. Options is a crappy pub, but the food is good, and we don't have to pay for much. Here's on thing I never remember, though...Jagermeister always makes me feel horrible in the morning. Between Selina and I, we had two jugs of beer and 6 shots of Jager. Not smart. Then, Nikki shows up, and we play a drunken game of pool, and then spend a bunch of time surprising each other with tracks on the jukebox. Selina surprised me by dedicating "I'm a Gigolo" to me. I was pretty happy about that, and it made me laugh for pretty much the rest of the night.

So, at about 12:30, I get home, and Allison comes by and informs me that we're going out to the HiFi Club. Now, I hadn't put any effort into the way I dressed that day, so I wasn't even sure I'd get in (earlier in the night, while picking up Selina, Matt, my manager, said to me: "are you going clam-digging or something?", referencing my rolled-up pants and lack of real shoes). Anyway, I did get in, and Dwayne was there!!! I haven't seen him in years, so I was more than excited. I had a Stella (which I don't even like that much when I'm sober, but when I'm not...), and danced my ass off for about an hour, but by then it was almost 3, and we had to get Allison off to work.

Point is, it was a good Friday.

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