Saturday, June 04, 2005

So rumor has it...

...That tomorrow night's Sunday Skool @ HiFi = Where it's at.
Okay, maybe I was the one that started that rumor.

Seriously, you guys should come...Everyone is invited (but even if no one shows, and it's just Allison and I, I'm going to make the night magic, as it's my last one for a while).

Here's tonight's mission for the masses:

Go download some Lyn Collins, and rock yourself again and again and again... (Marco and Allison are probably the only people that will get that reference, but get to downloading, and you'll understand, too. Hop to it!).

P.S. Ron Bronson, you need to visit soon, because we are going to miss you like crazy this summer (and actually, you probably understood the above reference, too).


Marco said...

downloading made easy:


Unfortunately, I took my mp3s down some time ago, and can't seem to find 'em on my work computer. oh, well.

sarah p. said...

Many thanks, Marco!

Ron said...

The Ron is totally visiting. Have no idea how I'm working this one yet, but...I had this crazy idea back in February to quit my job and start a company.

So I believe I'll be seeing you all this summer. Stay tuned ;)