Thursday, June 09, 2005

Links (in haiku form):

The In Sound's got songs
Shake ass straight to mental ward
Won't stop even then.

Learning idioms
Kids get literal with it
I can draw stuff too.

Always wanted to
Rip a phone book into two halves
Good thing I'm so buff.

My whole house should be
full of furniture that looks
like something is wrong.

In Japan, pigs say
"Boo Boo", and dogs say "Wong Wong"
maybe they're confused.

...Maybe I should have warned you guys that I am probably the worst haiku poet of all time. I literally have to clap along with the syllables to count them.

I'm almost all packed away!

1 comment:

niccib said...

bhahahaah those funny!

I am leaving tomorrow! :D
See you soon dude!