Wednesday, June 08, 2005

5 days left...

...and the weather here is still miserable. I was hoping to achieve "goal #1" (only Nicole will understand that) before camp, but it's just not going to happen. On the plus side, the weather in Connecticut looks good and hot (much hotter than other years when I've arrived)....If I'm lucky enough, the sun just might wait for me in New England.

I am really enjoying not working (I was a lazy-ass at Dylan's today, and then I came home to be even more of a lazy-ass), although my days are going way too fast. By Tuesday morning, I will be landing in Hartford. They should take one of the camp's yellow busses to pick me up at the airport, and everyone should come along so that I don't have to wait to see them.

I will be packing all night tonight....I already have the sinking feeling that I'm forgetting something big.

Hey! My good friend Ian has a band in Vancouver, and they finally have a few tracks online. Awesome.

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