Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alien Life Form.

The other night, in a single hour of a single TV show, I saw:

-A homeless guy with a dead wife give away all of his life savings and try to commit suicide.
-A dying girl in a hospital that will never get better (and in fact, is going to die within a year).
-A desperate and panicked for a dear, dear friend.

Unsolved Mysteries? Dateline NBC? CSI? CSI Miami? No, friends.
The 1987 ALF Christmas Special.Apparently the writers were going through a bit of a 'dark period' in 1987, because I don't think I've ever seen such a depressing holiday episode (particularly involving a burping, cat-eating alien puppet).

Anyway, YTV has been playing old holiday episodes of shitty TV shows this year, which can be pretty entertaining, so long as you have a reliable dealer. I'm keeping a really close eye out for the Family Matters Christmas episodes, because I love me some Urkel.
If you're looking to bum yourself out this holiday season, here's a clip to get you started.
Seriously, Alf.
~sarah p.

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