Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In too deep.

Oh, the glorious wonders of Youtube.
What happens when you search Genesis' 'In Too Deep'? Hours of fun! Pure magic!
Here, I've done the work for you guys. Check it-

The videos that accompany karaoke videos are always pure gold. This guy is so fucking pissed. He's definitely in too deep. Holy shit. Let's move on.

This one. Oooooh, man. This guy is in soooo deep.

I often wonder if stage parents ever stop to think of the ramifications their son might one day endure for singing 'In Too Deep' to another boy on national TV.

So deep. So, so deep.

~sarah p.


Anonymous said...

i love the video #2 guy has a high school musical poster on his bedroom wall.

~sarah p. said...

Even better.