Sunday, December 26, 2010

Busted. Chris Hansen-style.

The mouth may be saying "no, no, no", but those glasses say "yes, yes, yes".

Back in the day, when Chris Hansen would bust one of these assholes, he used to seem genuinely surprised. How could someone ever think that a 13-year-old was totally into their middle-aged, saggy bodies? How could they not expect that an entire camera crew was going to come out from behind a curtain at some point? It used to seem totally unreal, but after about a million of these stings, Chris Hansen has become a total pro.
Now that he's balls-deep in kiddie-fondlers, he's not surprised anymore. Instead, he's perfected this "disappointed dad" look that seems to make even the creepiest pedo-smiles turn to shame.
To Catch a Predator rules. Chris Hansen rules.

~sarah p.

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