Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Open-mind/Open heart.

At first I was really confused when I couldn't take this song off of replay. Usually, if it doesn't involve child/Southern/gangsta rap, disco, funk, 80's pop, or corny-ass R&B, I leave it alone.
Beth Ditto and Simian Mobile Disco? Nooooo thank you.
However, due to a magical little thing called "the internet", I get exposed to a lot of stuff that I would otherwise leave to the wayside... I have seen a lot of things I will never unsee, and hear a lot of things I will never unhear (I heard the entire Kingdom Come album, leaked online, a few years back, and it wrecked my faith in Jay-Z forever... Do you know how that feels? Do you???).
One in a while, though, it pans out in my favor.
Really, once I calm the fuck down and break it into simpler terms, this song has everything I like rolled into one:
Lasers? Check.
Distinct heart-thump sounds in the background? Chiggety-check.
Also, there's some sort of (rather controversial) theory I've been working on for a few years that directly correlates weight gain to musical talent. Think about it. Open up your mind, throw your politically correct beliefs aside for a moment, keep that a-hole from Smashmouth and any of Rosie O'Donnell's attempts at Broadway out of your thoughts, and really think about it. See? Totally right.

Anyway, new Beth Ditto EP? Totally worth a listen!
Not gonna lie, I still feel a little dirty saying that... Maybe also check out Slave's Bad Enuff album to make me feel better... Solid gold, I promise.

~sarah p.

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