Monday, February 20, 2012


Although I often struggle with working a 10-7, Monday-Friday type of job (or really, any job at all), there isn't much better than a stat holiday weekend. Every ten minutes or so, I remind myself that while I'm sunning myself on the front step with Reggie and Louise, spending hours picking out the perfect lace tights, drinking an entire pot of coffee to myself, or, quite frankly, doing fuck-all, I am also making my salary wage.
In fact, paid long weekends are one of my favorite feelings, sandwiched in between 'pleasantly tipsy', and 'just finished cleaning the house'.
I'm not too sure what my absolute favorite feeling in the whole world might be... Honestly, I probably wouldn't tell you guys even if I did know, as it is most likely totally embarrassing and/or wildly illegal.

Forever and ever,

~sarah p.

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