Friday, April 06, 2012

#Trending: Hot For Spring 2012

-Baby bunnies in tiny sweaters.
-A bad attitude, or "baditude".
-The splayed ass cracks of lanky dudes, peeking out from dusty Nudies on bikes that they found in the trash. Actually, this one is tough, because I'm not cool enough to know whether ass cracks are in, or underpants are out. One of the two. On a bike.
-Soft pencils.
-Soft pretzels.
-Making friends with someone who doesn't really exist.
-Loose tea.
-Fuzzy stickers.
-Putting on five pounds to "fill out your bathing suit".
-Rocket Pops.
-Believing in ghosts.
-Believing in goats.
-Shorts, knee socks, and bow-ties.
-Mentally choreographing elaborate song-and-dance routines to choice tracks from Tony Toni Tone's 'Sons of Soul' album on the way to work.
-Off-brand Slurpees from non-7-11 convenience stores. You know, "slush".
-Asking yourself "What would a Japanese cartoon character do?".
-Exotic fish enthusiasm.
-Shopping at Party City for basic needs.
-Star gazing.
-Taking off your pants on a Friday night, and leaving them off until Monday morning.

~sarah p.

p.s. There is green grass poking out all over the place, there are birds singing in the morning, and I just threw my winter jacket in the garbage can. Yes.

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