Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Vegas Vacation.

 This weekend, in a 48-hour span, I went to Las Vegas with three of the most wonderful girls I know, sobbed uncontrollably on the plane ride home (which scored me a free mini bottle of wine, a free blanket, a free turkey sandwich, and all the hugs in the world from sympathetic flight attendants), and may or may not have learned the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

~sarah p.

p.s. I also observed ol' Band-Aid Face himself, Nelly, fumble through one of the worst DJ sets I've ever heard, saw a mall-cop on a Segway, drank a full yard of frozen cocktails, and paid $75 to watch Chippendales dancers NOT take off their underpants.

p.p.s. Bonus Vegas photo montage!


Anonymous said...

It took me over an hour to brush through my diana ross hair.

~sarah p. said...

Love that Diana Ross hair.