Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Summer So Far.

This has been a strange summer, guys.

There were horrible, city-ruining floods. Many people are still not back in their homes. Even though we are a tough city, we really took a blow. I got a "natural disaster" day off of work, my first one since I entered into the full-time work force ten years ago. I am a panicky person, so this scared the shit out of me. I was four blocks from the flooding, and despite advisories to stay away, would have to keep going back to stand by the water and look toward my house. I would count the steps from the water to our front door. Then I would go back three hours later and do the whole thing again, just in case the numbers were vastly different. We were under voluntary evacuation, so I volunteered to stay in my house.
In the evening, I was finally able to relax for a few minutes, even though the phone was ringing off the hook with kind friends and family, offering well-wishes, and a place to stay if the need arose. Nenshi asked that we cool it on the electricity (and right now, what that guys says, goes), so I turned off all of the lights in the house, made myself one of my famous Hawaiian Punch slushies in the dark with a hammer and a few baggies, and foil-packeted some dinner into a small bonfire in my yard. I also sorted out my vast candy collection, which is since not-so-vast.
The next morning was much better, I only walked to the water once, and brought as many supplies, and as much food, as I could carry. There were a million more Calgarians down there, all willing to help. Again, I love this city so, so much.

What else? There have been numerous visits to Korean Karaoke bars. Soju is the nectar of the devil, but it is so blindingly delicious. We went to Stampede early in the morning this year, porked out on fair food until noon, watched the Superdogs, porked out a little more, saw Nenshi (but I was too shy to tell him that I love him), and went home. We went to the most fabulous patio party and drank spritzers until the stars came out.

Although I may feel a little waterlogged, the garden looks fabulous this year. The roses are out in full bloom, and the lawn has never been greener. We have a very hearty strawberry patch, with tons and tons of little green berries, waiting to ripen or get stolen by the squirrels.

I can blather on all day, but we all know that all people want nowadays are tons of photos. Without further adieu, here is a peek at my summer so far:

Hope your summer is wonderful!
~sarah p.

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