Sunday, September 08, 2013

10 Greatest Summer 2013 Meals.

1. Los Chilitos Mystery Tacos.
I usually go up to this stall in Crossroads market, and ask them for three random tacos. Sometimes they give me beef, or chicken, or pork, or chorizo, and sometimes I'm not even sure. They have a million wonderful salsas, and cold Jaritos (pineapple or guava, depending on my mood). 

2. Milk Tiger's Champagne Cocktail. 
I like going to Milk Tiger, because it makes me feel classy, but a few of these booze-mixed-with-booze cocktails, I am anything but. 

3. Hana Sushi's Calamari. 
On Friday night, Tina ran outside in the rain, and hid in Reggie's dog house. It took me two-and-a-half long, cold, wet hours to get her back in the house. I ordered sushi delivery, and these crunchy, salty pillows of heaven were my reward for a night's hard work.

4. Great Taste's Bead Curd Sheets. 
Whenever we go to this restaurant, they ignore the shit out of us, but they make all kinds of dumplings and meatballs wrapped in thin, rubbery sheets of bead curd. The first time I had the sheets, I wasn't so sure of the texture, but I found myself at home craving dim sum that we have to fight for.

5. Bag of Mixed Candies From Oklahoma.
Hand delivered by Sara D. 'Nuff said.

6. Alaturka's Lamb Kebab.
I often visit this Crossroads Market gem for breakfast, problem being, there's no way in hell I can top this meal for the rest of the day.

7. Okanagan Peaches. 
These were smuggled from farm to bus to plane to table, and, despite a fairly substantial allergy to stone fruit, I polished off half a case.

8. Mallow Cups in +30C weather.
If you keep a candy bucket, like myself, then you will know that it can become a total meltdown disaster in hot weather. That is, except for the mighty Mallow Cup, which pools in the most spectacular, sticky way.

9. Deville's Brom Lake Duck Pastrami Eggs Benedict.
We usually go here because it's the only place without a line, but this Benedict can't be missed (by anyone who has no concept of how calories might totally destroy your body).

10. Salmon Cooked on Fire In Backyard.
Nenshi told us to curb our electricity consumption during the floods, so I piled up the wet, brightly painted wood in our back yard and cooked a salmon fillet wrapped in home-grown celeriac leaves. I may have poisoned myself, or killed a whole bunch of brain cells with the surely-lead-based paint chips burning to cook my fish, but it was worth it.

~sarah p.

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