Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello, Again!

A few months ago, a co-worker left me a note on her last day. Among the tear-inducing fond memories, and various niceties, was a paragraph on how much she appreciated my openness to others. I had never considered myself an open person before, but after thinking, I realized that my complete lack of mysteriousness, along with my "honesty is the best policy" philosophy, would lead others to say that I was a pretty genuine human being.
I haven't been trying to hide from everyone, but in the middle of my one-month-to-homeless panic, I believe I may have disappeared off the face of the earth for a short period of time. Fortunately, years of hanging out with street kids has taught me a very important lesson: the ability to think on my feet. I do unusually well under negative pressure, which is not a very useful skill outside of situations like these.
In one month, I have sold my house, bought a super downtown condo for Reggie, Tina, and I, and am band-aiding and re-building my heart. I found out today that my ex has already moved in with someone else. Somehow, I am fine. Might be the bonus two Klonopin I found in an old handbag last night. I knew they would come in handy, even if they may be (probably are) expired.
I intend on leaving this situation on top, and every step of the way, I am given more reasons to ensure that this happens. I will be stronger, soon. See you jerks on the flip side. I love you guys.

~sarah p. 

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