Friday, February 21, 2014

Top Ten Problems This Week:

10. Both Wii remotes ran out of batteries- had to get up off couch to turn off Netflix.

9. Burnt my mouth on french toast.

8. Forgot to put lid on blender before turning it on when I was making Hawaiian Punch slushies.

7. Tina got in a fight with Leon, the neighbour's cat, because he was sleeping in her spot... They are no longer on good terms.

6. Dropped six eggs on the sidewalk on the way home from the store. Everybody at the hipster coffee shop saw, and one person made the "aw" face at me.

5. Got my favorite boots kind-of dirty, and now I'm worried I'm going to look like a total scrub.

4. Found a bunch of loose pills in a drawer, and can't figure out if they're the fun kind or not.

3. Every girl is wearing toques inside now, and it looks ridiculous and makes me sad for the current state of the fashion world.

2. A mouse ate, and subsequently pooped out, the jar of assorted jelly beans on my desk.

1. I can't use a big person knife without cutting the shit out of my hand.

~sarah p.

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