Saturday, November 29, 2014

Five Upsides To Winter.

1. That non-returnable cashmere bra and panty set that seemed like an exercise in the most frivolous of spending starts looking more and more necessary all the time.

2. It pisses off the right type of people to, upon them complaining that the winters are getting worse due to global warming, remind them that we'll all be dead before shit really hits the fan anyway.

3. It's so awful out that it no longer becomes "shut-in-y" and worrisome to your loved ones to watch Netflix for the entire day.

4. You don't sweat your face off like you do in the summer, which means you stay looking hot for at least three times as long.

5. It's a really fun game to guess what people's bodies look like before they remove their layers and layers of coats.

~sarah p.

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