Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Everybody Should Just Shut Up: A Very Short Essay

I've been thinking. I am a very firm believer in free speech, but I think now is the time that everyone should just shut up. The holidays are just around the corner, where idle chit-chat is at an all-time high and the sprinkling of wine and eggnog adds gusto to every ill-informed, loud-mouthed opinion in the world. It's time to take a step back and look at not causing waves around your grandpa's table on Christmas Eve for once. 

Mad about refugees coming into our country? That dead three-year-old is a horrible threat to national security, isn't he? Well, next time someone brings it up, why don't you try something new, and keep your damn mouth shut.

Are you pissed off because the Starbucks cups aren't the right color, of that the last time you said "Merry Christmas", someone shot you a smile and said "Happy Holidays" back instead? Jesus might be pissed. His followers might be pissed. I tell ya, that magical baby has made some powerful friends over the years. Here's the thing, though: nobody actually cares. People that do care need to keep themselves busier. Do everyone a favor, and don't bring it up at the next dinner party.

Frustrated with the current government? Worried about our economical position as a province? Then get off your ass and do something about it, all while keeping your pie-hole firmly closed. Do you care a whole lot about bikes or the environment, or are particularly passionate about non-GMO food or unions? Do you want kids, and not understand how anyone couldn't, or don't want kids and don't know how anyone could? You know what to do. Tape it closed if you must.

It's not that people are not entitled to their own opinions, it's just that opening sassy lips just to make a point is growing tiring. We are a culture of over-sharers and social media addicts. We've lost the fine art of whimsical conversation because we're all too busy throwing opinions at each other at breakneck speed. So this holiday season, go against the grain, be the change, smile and nod, and keep your fucking mouth shut. It just may be the greatest gift you give anyone all season long.

~sarah p.

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