Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't ask me how I found it.

... It doesn't matter whether it was on the AM 106 Top Ten at Ten, or on Tarzan Dan's Hit List, or track #7 on Dance Mix '92, I have never truly experienced Black Box until I saw this video (and, in case you didn't know, I have a lot of Black Box-related experience).

~sarah p.

p.s. Have you seen any recent Chuck E Cheese commercials? Since when did Chuck E Cheese turn into an ultra-safe roller-blading enthusiast? Like, seriously... Knee-pads, spandex racing jersey, and a helmet? Is this what modern kids are into?
Remember when he was a just a regular ol' pizza-mouse that wore bowties and dressed like he knew how to smoke a proper cigar? Man, sometimes change isn't good.


Ron said...

Hi Sarah.

sarah p. said...

Hi Ron!