Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cool it now.

You...You guys made a New Edition tribute video without me?

I realize I was only four years old, but would it have killed you guys to at least put me on background vocals or something? I can't help but feel a little left out here, like the fat girl that doesn't get invited to the party of the year.
Did I not spend enough time dreaming about Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, and Johnny?
Did I not spend countless hours memorizing the cassette insert, when I should have probably been doing my homework (no wonder I couldn't make it past eleventh grade math).
Did I not plaster my walls with their posters, causing horrible damage to the paint-job in my room?
Also, I AM PETITE and holy fuck, that's the name of your group.

Not cool, ladies. Not cool.

~sarah p.

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