Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When credit is due.

Granted, Snooki from Jersey Shore has a pretty good hairdo on the go. Bitch must go through a gallon of spray-gel a week! But to go as far as to say that she invented the pouf? Not quite, sister.

Have you met my friend Reverend Al Sharpton? Take 'em to church, Al:

Now that's a pouf.

Fact: in 1991, a guy tried to assassinate Al Sharpton. Although it's not documented anywhere, I think it was a combination of Al's board-stiff pompadour and the glare off of his slick, greasy forehead that saved his life.
Fact: Reverend Al Sharpton keeps a switchblade and a can of Diet Sprite in his pouf at all times.
Fact: While Al Sharpton was busy publicly scolding a black man for dating a white woman on the street, Al Sharpton's hair was busy developing new cancer treatments and volunteering at the soup kitchen.
Fact: Al Sharpton uses a combination of Aqua Net, Goody Fine-toothed combs, reverse racism, and pure magic to achieve his signature 'do.

Also, I think that Snooki might be using the odd Bumpit for volume, and you can be damn sure that Al Sharpton doesn't pad his coif like that. No, sir. That, my friends, would be false advertising. Al Sharpton's hair is pure, honest, and beautiful.
Let's give some overdue credit to the best pouf in the biz. Much love, A-Sharps - may you never go bald.

~sarah p.


Ron said...

I love your blog. Seriously. You're the best.

sarah p. said...

Thank you, Ron- but I do believe that you are mistaken; you, sir, are the best.