Thursday, October 14, 2010

Behind The Scenes: Rick Ross Featuring Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa "Super High" (Sativa Remix)

Man, I have been geeking on Teflon Don for months now. Lately, my attention span with rap albums has been wavering. Most albums, beyond this one and, surprisingly, Big Boi's new album, are a two-week fling.
However, I'm totally in love, for life, with the Super High Remix, and even more in love with this 'making of' video:

Catch the highlights at:
0:57- Wiz Khalifa loses his train of thought for the first, but not the last, time in the video.
1:05- Wiz Khalifa forgets where he is.
1:18- "They have smoked so much already, and it's not even halfway through. That was just, like, recreational smoking to get ready for it, but now we can get super high... Turn it up. I need to eat first, though. Fuck that."
1:43- Rick Ross' entry shot- glamour shot of diamond crosses around his neck, panning up to red, squinty eyes.
2:00- Rosay's personal shout out to 'Toucan'!
2:17- Rick Ross' exit shot- red, squinty eyes, panning down to a glamour shot of diamond crosses around his neck.
2:19- Perhaps Curren$y shouldn't eat and try to talk at the same time.
2:48- Walter's: A Place to Remember
2:55- "This is like, not the video shoot." "This is, like, behind the scenes, actually."
3:09- "And just trying to get uhhhh... Emergency... Uhhhh... I can't... Woooo, pause."
3:12 to 3:35- Straight gibberish.
4:03- Curren$y wanders off like a curious small child. Probably not for the first time that day.

Moderation, boys... Moderation. That way you don't get lost in downtown Atlanta at 1PM on a Monday during a video shoot. Chances are, they had to spend an hour out of their day trying to find Curren$y in the crowd at the hot dog stand. When they finally found him, squirting relish in his mouth at the condiment cart, Rick Ross probably ran over, hugged him, and said "Never leave my side again, okay? I was worried sick!".

Anyway, how are you guys? Perfect? Super perfect?

~sarah p.

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