Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning.

For months and months, this select group of photos has been taunting me. Every time I open my laptop, there they are, staring me in the face.
Each one of these photos represents a post that never made it, an initial concept that was deemed too stupid, even by my standards, to come to life. Just try to guess what kind of posts these pics would've churned out (don't worry- I have no clue either)!
Looking at them, all grouped together like this, I have to wonder what the fuck I was ever thinking. Was I drunk, or maybe just not paying attention? Sometimes really wack things seem really funny at first! By the next day though, I've totally talked myself out of some jazzed-up 300-word post on men in spandex. What a difference a day makes. Be thankful for that day.
Alas, it is time. Time to drop each and every one of the pictures into the trash bin on my desktop. So long. Hasta la vista. I need room on my hard drive for more MP3s... Funkclassicmaster has been on fire lately!
Here are some of the ideas that you, dear reader, were (quite luckily) spared from over the last few months:

Some of these were very close to becoming real posts... Real long posts.
Consider yourselves lucky.

~sarah p.

p.s. Also, hi there! How are you guys? Great??? Really great??? The weather is not-so-Spring, but Cadbury Eggs are back in stores, so nobody should be frowning right now. I didn't wear mittens at all last week, and this weekend is going to be the best. I am going to see T-Pain on Thursday! How many of you can say that?
p.p.s. That beagle in glasses! The world needs more of this.

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