Monday, April 25, 2011

The Holy Grail of Thrifting

The holy grail of thrift stores exists in the deep, deep south... Past the Anderson train station, which was the farthest that you could go on public transit when I was a kid (and, as far as I'm aware, the farthest you'd ever need to go into the south anyway). Past that weird Russian grocery store. Past Fish Creek Park and that creepy little church. Past the hardware store where they give you free popcorn. On the edge of the city, hidden in behind a dirty strip mall, the Shawnessy Value Village is like a magical cave of treasures.
This weekend, I took the trip to the other side of the city, where I discovered a brand new Corona bathing suit; the exact bathing suit that I have been coveting since last May's trip to Mexico.
Beyond the several amazing clothing purchases that were found throughout the trip, the knickknack selections is truly out of control in this place.
There were all kinds of 80's hair gadgets:

A neckline slimmer, which probably totally works:
You want teen fad merchandise? You got it:

How about folksy pieces of advice? Done:

Racial stereotype figurines? Got that too:

Creepy clowns? Check:
My dream-phone in 1990? Yes, please:
Years ago, while saving to buy our house, we lived out in the direction of this store. We spent hours browsing the aisles for rare finds (and spending a bizarre amount of time hanging out in Superstore). Nowadays, it's totally worth the trip once a year. If not for the whimsy alone!

~sarah p.

p.s. It was also Easter, which meant one thing: side-by-side Easter candy comparison taste tests.

I'll give you guys a sneak peek of the results: the bunny with the red collar is significantly cuter, and the brand-name Creme Egg is the far more refined of the two.
Now, for the love of god, go grab yourself some discount Easter candy posthaste! The Peeps are getting stale already!

p.p.s. Next Saturday is both Stars & Muscles 11 and Araab Muzik @ Hifi. Holy shit. This is a conundrum that is going to require a scheme of Fred Flinstone proportions. Stay tuned!

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