Sunday, November 13, 2011


This weekend I bought four of the same t-shirt and learned about the surprisingly intoxicating effects of "herbal incense", which we bought from a strange hippie guy that tie-dyed Members Only jackets for a living.

I waded through several bizarre Montana thrift stores, and rode around in the car for hours and hours with Dylan and my sister... Poor Dylan.

I learned how to play Keno (and lost a total of $3 while doing so), and ate a steak that was so rich it almost killed me.

I brought back approximately three pounds of American candy (note the imperial conversion for my American friends), and genuinely remembered why I love my wonderful family so much...
It was a good weekend.

~sarah p.

p.s. I think I figured out something over the last few days: it will be easy for me to evade the natural aging process, so long as I continue to act like an immature asshole for the rest of my natural life.
It's fool-proof!


cc said...

Did you buy that doll? I want that doll.

~sarah p. said...

No, I'm too scared it would murder me in my sleep.