Monday, January 09, 2012


This year I did something I have never been able to achieve in the past: I made a New Year's Resolution, and I stuck to it. Not only did I stick to it, I completed it only six days into the new year.

For 2012, I told myself, I wanted to get a dog.

This is Reggie. He lives at our house now. He's seven years old, and he has made himself right at home along side our senior cat, Louise.

We are running a small animal retirement home, and it's totally awesome.

I turn thirty on Saturday. I hope I get hit by a bus before then.

~sarah p.

p.s. Just kidding about the bus thing (but only kind-of). I hope I get some awesome magazine subscriptions, along with a little peace and quiet, for my birthday. Wish me luck.

p.p.s. Today, I got up at 8AM, happily, to take little Reggie for a walk. Before Reggie, I could hardly drag my ass out of bed at 9AM because I HATE MORNINGS SO MUCH. This little guy must be magical or something, because, despite my early rise, I was hardly even a horrible jerk today. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, so I can't say I'll be as chipper when I wake, but still... Progress!

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