Monday, June 25, 2012

Endless Bummer.

Every summer, since we bought our house a few years back, I have slaved and toiled over an absolutely perfect vegetable garden, only to abandon it midway through, when my tanning-and-Slurpee regime gets too intense. The tidy rows grow over and the roots tangle themselves together. I may dig up a few carrots and beets in late autumn, but most everything goes to waste.
This spring, I noticed a small patch of strawberries growing in the back. I left this patch and threw out the surrounding debris, save for a few lone violets. I decided to forgo a cumbersome garden, focused solely on nurturing a very small, well-maintained plot of berry plants. Today I pulled the first strawberry off one the plants, and it was delightful.
I suppose this is all some sorts of metaphor for what has been going on in my head lately, but that is a story for another day.


~sarah p. 

p.s. All of this rain is really cramping my style. My skin is pale, I've been sick for two weeks straight, I don't own a rain coat or boots, our basement is leaking, and I've had to bleach my white sneakers so often that they are falling apart in my hands. Super bullshit.

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