Monday, August 20, 2012

Ten Sassy Costumes For Halloween 2012

1. Hologram Tupac.
2. Tim Gunn in a totally bitchy mood.
3. One side of your body? Brandy. The other side? Monica.
4. Sexy Chucky doll.
5. The guy that ate everybody's face. Make that, "ONE of the guys".
6. A filthy, abandoned Occupy Wall Street baby, complete with junior dreadlocks, some really half-baked political ideas, and a wicked case of tent-rash (but do beware, baby-related costumes can stir some pretty serious pots).
7. Zombie Phyllis Diller (too soon?).
8. Undercover Boss (coveralls, a sense of dumbfounded innocence, and a terrible wig of your choice).
9. A saggy and depressed Norm Macdonald in one of those ads for old-people insurance.
10. Angry Bieber (all you would need is a pair of neon Supras and a really girly punch).

~sarah p. 

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