Sunday, April 07, 2013

You Asked, I Answered.

(answered from top to bottom)

*Horses like hay and an honest, open, caring relationship. 
Oh, hey, and don't be a dick- keep the corral clean, and oat bucket full.

*Yes, but don't let it overtake your wardrobe. You don't want to look too much like a zoo-keep or Bill Gates.

*Mine seems to like hanging out in a box, so for starters you should get yourself an empty box. Also, they like feathers and fake mice. It would be good if you have windows in your house, and maybe a cat post. Also, as a side note, you should name your cat something like 'Irving', or 'Tito', or 'Gwen'; it won't matter to the cat, but it will keep you entertained.

*As long as you're willing to risk it.

*People spend so much time worrying about staying true to themselves. Here's the secret to early adulthood success- lose your individuality for a bit. When everyone else turns their hat backward, just leave yours the way it is. Do up both straps on your overalls. Lose the unused plaid shirt tied around your waist. Years later, you'll look like less of a dick than everyone else in old group photos, and people will instantly think you are significantly more sophisticated than you actually are.

*Just make sure it's a dream, because otherwise- oh, boy.

* The freezer burnt flesh of a turkey can be kept in a chest freezer until that chest freezer dies quietly in the basement and nobody knows for a few months. Then you can't stop that turkey from coming out.

*It means you're disgusting.

*Until October 31st.

*AT&T does not make you turn in your old phone, but they do make you surrender your soul.

*Because one day you might have to run from the lord.

~sarah p.

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