Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Brief List of Things That Totally Terrify Me:

1. Wasps.
2. I stink and nobody has ever told me.
3. The death of others.
4. Getting a new cell phone.
5. House fires.
6. Waking up with a full head of grey hair.
7. Lipstick on my teeth.
8. Getting stuck in an elevator with somebody I hate.
9. Haircuts.
10. Driving.
11. Losing either of my pets.
12. Other people's nail clippings/hair.
13. Natural gas leaks.
14. Missing an episode of Girls, or The Mindy Project.
15. Dropping my jewelry down the sink.
16. A cougar might be stalking me when I walk home in the dark.
17. I'm wrong about religion, and there actually is a god, and he/she's pissed.
18. I might be wearing the wrong shade of foundation.
19. Dentists.
20. A slug will crawl in my mouth when I'm asleep.

~sarah p. 

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