Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Dos And Don'ts of Abrupt Southern Alberta Tourism.

I was lucky enough, this long weekend, to have a visit from one of my favorite friends ever. Sara D hopped onto a plane, all the way from Oklahoma, for her first visit to Canada, we only had a few days, and I really wanted to show her a good time. Here are a few tips for a crash-course in Southern Alberta tourism:
DO: Visit the MC Escher exhibit at the Glenbow Museum. That man had a fabulously twisted brain, like all of my favorite human beings.
DON'T: Misread the hours sign, and have to be basically pushed out by security without ever making it to the top floor.

DO: Go to the mountains! They are majestic and beautiful, beyond most out-of-towner expectations.
DON'T: Promise they will see all kinds of wildlife, as this is the day that all woodland creatures will retreat deep into the woods.

DO: Walk off the beaten path, and perhaps learn something new about your province.
DON'T: Worry about missing out on the Banff hot springs, due to an hour-and-a-half lineup. It's basically just a big, stinky bathtub anyway.

DO: Go to Boogie's for burgers, but leave the milkshakes to Peter's.
DON'T: Bother taking your guests up the tower, so long as you visit both Crescent and Scotsman's Hills for the view.

DO: Take the trip out to Drumheller.
DON'T: Take the trip out to Drumheller on a holiday Monday. We saw more strollers and pushy tourists than dinosaurs.

~sarah p.

p.s. Also dos: local breweries, steak, and lots of hugs.


Raymi Lauren said...

hey I like this blog!

~sarah p. said...

Thank you so much! :)