Tuesday, June 17, 2014

California Dreaming.

It was only five days, but it was five days of paradise. Did you know that there are a series of canals in Los Angeles? Well, you do now. They are fucking beautiful. Did you know that Beverley Hills High is a lot less glamorous than one would think? I got a first-hand tour, and it looked like a regular-ass high school. No Brenda Walsh, no Brandon Walsh, and not even Ian Ziering, who probably really needs a place to crash right now. Did you know that there is a free (keyword: free) museum, and it is big and wonderful and has a lot of important shit on the walls? I did an art gallery tour of LA, and each space was impressive and totally the best. Maybe it was the company I kept. Did you know that camp friends are the best type of friends? Well, it's true. It's been almost ten years since I worked in Connecticut, and every time I see my camp friends, it's like we were just sneaking out of camp to drink at the "library" yesterday. I cried on the plane on the way back. Most of the way back, as a matter of fact. This happened the last time I got to see these girls, and will certainly happen every visit thereafter, because the only shitty thing about camp friends is that they live very, very, very far away.

Here is a little taste of a glorious five days with my favorite people ever:

~sarah p. 

p.s.  After a couple of cocky Korean dudes chatted me up in LAX, I kind-of wish that was a breed of human that existed outside of LA, because it was awesome and refreshing.

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