Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Few Thoughts On Fall 2015 Fashion:

*Try as you might, it's tough to command respect in a turtleneck.

*The first day of grade eleven, I wore knee socks, a button down shirt, and the shortest corduroy skirt on the planet. When I walked though the door, the pimp that went to my school told me I was "looking good". I felt pretty great about myself, until I realized that I probably owed him a favor now.

*How the fuck you gonna keep those fur boots clean, guys? Never go outside?

*Autumn is rearing it's ugly head around the corner, and it's tough to get the right jacket balance. It's either you under-do it and freeze your shit off, or you're sweating under six layered coats on like an old Asian lady on the bus. I used to error on the side of the former, but the latter becomes more attractive the older I get.

*I don't know when I became a jean-vest person, but boy, it is life-changing shit. It makes evvverything look sassy. Going through my closet, it's harder to find an outfit that it won't improve.
p.s. I totally do know when I became a jean vest person. It was Monday.

~sarah p.

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