Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some Thoughts After Accidentally Getting Caught In The Middle Of The Zombie Walk.

* Zombies don't have selfie sticks, or Starbucks reusable cups, you guys.

* When someone in a zombie costume asked for my brain, I thought to myself "I spent all of last night hammering down weed candies. You don't want this brain, dude".

* Note to exactly 46% of zombie walk patrons: just because you're a zombie doesn't mean you're unable to shower. Your love for showers shouldn't die with your soul.

* A good amount of my time walking along side the crowd was spent with my eyes to the ground, trying to figure out of the blood stains on the ground outside of the sketchy convenience store are real or just that corn-syrupy fake stuff.

* The most entertaining part of the entire day? Watching straight-laced people try to figure out how to get around the masses without having a zombie roar at them.
~sarah p.

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