Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Five Best Things About New Jack Swing:

1. The Synchronized Dances.

There was always one member of the group that was significantly better at moving. You could always tell who this was, as they'd be front and center in every video. Most videos had several choreographed routines that followed a similar formula: Running Man, into some sort of mild popping motion, back to Running Man, some awkward pelvic grinding, and, you guessed it, finish out with some more Running Man.

2. The Clothes.

For the men, it was slightly over-sized matching suits in jewel-tones, collared shirts tucked into jeans, and so. many. fucking. vests. For the ladies? Crop tops, weird-ass velvet hats, and the biggest jeans you could find, cinched tightly with a belt.

3. The Sex Jams.

If there was one thing New Jack Swing was really trying to communicate to the world, it was that the world should be talking about fuckin' a hell of a lot more.

4. The Remixes.

 Did you know that SWV basically invented the remix album? It's truuueeeeeee!!!

5. The Sincerity.

There is not another musical style that so severely conveys deep feelings. When someone is singing about a breakup, they are not fucking around. Their heart is on the ground, in the dirt, and somebody has just trampled all over it. When they are growling out a sex jam, you can just tell they've got major bone. There was not a hint of sarcasm in the whole thing. Just pure, gut-wrenching feeling, and that's why I loved it so dearly.

~sarah p.

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