Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My x-mas list:

Yesterday, my mom asked me to write her a list of stuff I want for Christmas. I told her "Mom, it's simple. I want money and more money, and maybe some of those marshmallow Peeps that look like trees, but not chicks because chicks aren't festive, and I don't even think they make the chick-shaped ones in December."

So, that's it. Money and marshmallows.

To be perfectly honest, the whole traditional gift-giving Christmas thing is pretty new to me... Growing up, we always took the money that we would spend on us, and used it to sponsor a needy family. So, we've just started giving/receiving gifts within the past few years, mostly to pay lip-service to my stepdad. I feel really awkward about getting gifts. I understand that the holidays aren't just about gifts and blah blah blah, but I still feel really strange about the whole thing...Plus I am like the worst gift-giver in the world. If you want to receive a gift that you didn't ever really want, and would never actually use, then ask for a gift from me.

Beer Mat art? Hell yes.

Money can be sent in the form of cash, cheques, or money order.

I'm also accepting plane tickets to Connecticut (mid-June, please) as gifts.

Seriously, though...Please don't buy me any gifts, unless they're of the cupcake variety.


Colin said...

I'm lucky I get 8 nites of gifts!

Sorry love. I cant afford to send you money, but the Marshmellows are on thier way!

Jenny said...

what about gifts of the popcorn variety?