Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some more ('cause I'm on-the-ball tonight):

Not joking, this is like the scariest thing of all time. It is a supposed "mermaid mummy" at a tourist shop in Banff. Terrifying? Yes.

Allison is all business.
Paul looking mighty Canadian in a fresh coon-skin hat.
The standard Allison/Sarah photo that makes it into every photo-post.

Amy, Paul, and I at HiFi (the following weekend).

Allison looks terrified. I look unsure. Paul looks pretty jazzed to be in between two hot gals.

Duane! Damn straight.

Allison and I (again).

P.S. Please do not buy Nickleback's new CD...It only encourages them to make more. Their music hurts my soul.


Tyler said...

Avril Lavigne also hurts sarah's soul. Lucky Sarah, you get to hang out with DJ Paul. I won't be at camp next year, so have fun without me (Pisarski will be a blast though).

sarah p. said...

I'm going to miss you, partner. Yes,it's true. Avril hurts my soul quite a bit, no matter what Paul Whitehouse says.

niccib said...

Did Mr. Whitehouse enjoy his time in the great white north?