Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clocking out.

I'm less than a week away from flying down to Oklahoma, but truthfully, my mind is already on vacation.
Call it a pre-vacation-vacation, if you will, but I've spent more time on Facebook (and digging through celebrity gossip) than I have in months, and it feels great.

Did you know that if you put on a really serious face, audibly sigh often, and walk with "purpose" everywhere you go, your co-workers and bosses will not fuck with you? It's true. They won't ask you to do any extra tasks, and they won't interrupt you, leaving you lots of time for the fun things at the office, such as playing with the name tag machine and printing dirty anecdotes off of the label makers.

Technically, there is a lot of work that I do need to get done, but it can wait, because my mind will probably still be on vacation for a week or two after I get back (a post-vacation-vacation).

Three more days of slacking, and I'll be dancing out of the office and straight down to a place where the meth labs outnumber the people. So jazzed, guys.

~sarah p.


Crystyle said...

Lemme tell ya I'm feeling the same way Sista!

Anonymous said...

whilst there are a few meth-mouths in oklahoma that may distract and temporarily entrance you, make time to visit a braum's dairy store. all locally produced ice cream and such. the burgers are good too.

cappuccino chunky chocolate makes a nice shake.

also, taco bueno is pretty magnificent as well. waaaaaaaaay better than the bell.

--dumb guy who comments every few weeks

sarah p. said...

Well, you know how I feel about tacos.... I'm pretty thrilled about this trip, trust me. The thought of eating good food while I'm down there makes me even more excited.

One question: how's a good canadian girl like me supposed to handle the heat down there?

Anonymous said...

cold beer? we have plenty.

its kinda hot, but not unbearable like last year. we were like 108 or so at this time, so 89/90 or so isn't bad.

if you do go to taco bueno, you ***must*** get a muchaco.

much+taco = muchaco = mmhhmm

I'm going to Ottawa and Newfoundland next summer. What's a mediocre American like me to expect?