Monday, August 13, 2007

Sweet. My answer is GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN.

Don't even bother trying to call me tonight.... Between The Hills season premiere and Hell's Kitchen finale, I'll have no time for chit-chat.
...Actually, it's totally okay to call me, but please call during breaks, and keep conversations to the following topics:

-Can Spencer be any more of a dick?
-Heidi: Do fake boobs and a nosejob ensure a solid career in the music industry?
-Why Whitney should probably just branch off and get her own show.
-L.C. : A plethora of great outfit ideas.
-Gordon Ramsay's insults: much less inventive when he's frazzled.
-Why is Bonnie in the finals with Rock anyway?

Thanks in advance for your consideration during this important evening.


Marco said...

heidi this season = not a good look.

Also, so glad rock won over that whiny girl.

Have fun on your vacation, and eat lots of barbeque for me.

sarah p. said...

Thanks, Marco.
I actually have a six hour layover in Dallas on the way back, so I think I'll head into the city and search for the best BBQ in town.... Sure beats sitting in the terminal and reading the same magazine over and over.