Friday, July 09, 2010

Best summer ever.

There is one thing, and only one thing, thing that I miss about being in school: summer vacation.
You know what, though? Although I will never have the entire months of July and August off ever, ever again, the basic principles stay the same as they were in seventh grade. It's not rocket science, you guys.
If you feel like your summer is off to a lagging start, here are some things you can do to ensure the best summer ever:

Pick up a copy of the 'Above The Rim' soundtrack (I cannot stress this enough).
Drink beverages in slush-form only.
Buy a single pack of menthols and make it last for two whole months (refreshing!).
Wear mesh.
Eat popsicles every night for dinner.
Kick it at the outdoor pool.
Learn how to dunk (even if it's just on the elementary school nets).
Blow all of your spare change on sour soothers and freezies, and eat them on the swings at the playground.
Kick a wasp nest, and run (bonus: great way to burn calories).
Bring a pillow outside, and take a nap while you get a foxy tan.
Spearhead some sort of rap group. It doesn't matter if you break up just after Labour Day.
Heckle the 'Shakespeare in The Park' dudes.
Sneak into your neighbour's garden at night to enjoy some fine produce.
Try to fry an egg on the sidewalk.
Make casual bets on how many nutsacks you'll see peeking out of cutoffs on any given day at the park.
Stay up until the light starts peeking through the darkness, wake up in the early afternoon.
Find an old wheelchair. You'll be the envy of all of the kids riding around on stupid bikes.
Forget your curfew.
Go steal a stack of pamphlets from the Library, fold them into boats, throw them in the river, and watch them float away.
Wear your bathing suit instead of underpants, all summer long.

I may have responsibilities now that I didn't have fifteen years ago, but I still have a feeling that this may be one of the best summers ever.
~sarah p.


Marco said...

did you ever see 'The Wackness'? that's an ok summertime movie with a retardly good soundtrack. you should check it out.

Marco said...

oh, in case you needed a teaser about the sountrack, here it is, mixed by d-nice...

~sarah p. said...

Yes! Amazing soundtrack!
I saw it in this great little theatre in Toronto a couple of summers ago. It reminded me how much I love Biggie's 'Everyday Struggle', and that's gotta count for something.