Monday, July 11, 2011

Tell me what you want from me.

Two weeks into summer! Here's what's been going down so far:

*Ain't it true, though?

*I just watched the Blockbuster by my house shut it's doors for the last time, and local music stores are closing down at an alarming rate, but I swear to god, if "the digital age" steals the precious, simple joys of thumbing through a magazine away from me, I will throw myself off a bridge.

*They are selling Luther Burgers at the Stampede this year, and, as we already know, anything Luther has touched is fine by me.

*I am in love with this song, and the House Party franchise in general. If only my parents would go out of town, so I could throw a wild party full of hip-hop hijinks with my best friend, who, according to the movie, should be a shorter, blacker version of myself:

*Bieber! Kind of!

*This week, on an old episode of Shaq Vs., I learned that Shaq hates pickles, hasn't done dishes in 25 years, and is single-handedly wiping out homophobic crimes in the community.

*This dog is on a mission. A mission to find life-ruining parasitic insects. Working with the homeless, I could desperately use a bug sniffin' beagle in my home. Donations welcome. I am in a perpetual bed bug scare, fueled mostly my own paranoia, along with regularly hugging street folks. So, you know, get me the dog, or some really intense muscle relaxants to take the edge off. Either one.

*This guy (swoon. I think I'm in love.):

*These guys:

*You can get a mini-donut milkshake from Boogie's Burgers. Better hurry, though. Limited time offer.

*They let you put your own syrup on your shaved ice, so, naturally, I got all of the flavors:

*I mean it! Thanks for reading! I love you guys!

~sarah p.

Bonus summer jams:


Anonymous said...

Worse than the demise of magazines? They say the digital age (read: Grinder) will single-handedly kill the gay bar scene.

Technology, you can have my pay phones, my Blockbuster, hell, even my Us Weekly. But you can pry drag shows, go-do-dancing twinks with body glitter, and Madonna remixes out of my cold, dead hands.

~sarah p. said...


~sarah p. said...

Nobody's going to take dudes in tiny, shiny hotpants away from me. That's like my lifeblood.