Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nat Geo's Border Security- Some More Thoughts.

1. Being a Christian rapper does not negate those two times that you sold weed to undercover cops.

2. If your phone is full of pictures of you snorting MDMA, or of you holding three pounds of weed, border security will most definitely ask to scroll through your phone by default. While you're at it, maybe erase as many dick pics as you can. It's the polite thing to do.

3. Apparently, the meat in Asia is far superior to the meat in Canada. This theory is supported by the fact that every single episode involves someone getting off of a flight from Asia with a suitcase full of raw sausage.

4. There are two types of dudes that travel through multiple source countries on the way to their destinations: international playboys, and drug smugglers. It's pretty easy to tell who is who, because there's very few international playboys that wear beat-up Stormrider jackets.

5. Crossing your arms and saying "it's not faaaaaaaair" didn't get you out of seventh grade detention, and it's not going to work here. A sassy just means that a bunch of the border security dudes are going to make fun of you on their lunch break.

~sarah p.

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