Monday, July 18, 2005

CLC at the track meet!

How are things going? Good and Bad. Bad news first: I either have Mono or Lyme's Disease (will find out tomorrow), which means I am sleepy all of the time, and feel like a 75-year-old with arthritis.

The good news is that I am beginning to feel quite a bit better about my program. That is, until I have to endure my evaluation next week, where thay usually tell me that I'm doing about a million things wrong, and I end up thinking "why didn't you tell me this earlier, so I could have fixed it?". Someone complained about not being praised enough at camp....I don't want praise, but I want to be told when I'm doing something wrong, or could be doing something better, so that I can fix it as soon as the problem arises, and not long afterward.

...Back to the good. There are a bunch of kids this session that are totally into the darkroom, which is great.
My hands and hair constantly smell like stop bath, I spend hours in the muggy darkroom, and I couldn't be happier. Those who know me well know that the darkroom is where my heart lies... The negatives that are developed at camp are full of scratches, and (due to the lack of proper equipment), are never properly printed, which is what makes them so charming. As a professional, observing the photos that come out of the Awosting darkroom is amazing, as they are all so full of raw eagerness. In the real world, I spend all of my time worrying about the technical aspects of photography, which means that I often lose touch on why I started taking photos in the first place. This place always brings me back down to earth...
There are some really amazing kids here, and I am very lucky to know them all.

It was great to see Ron, I really wish I would have been feeling better so that I could have spent more time with him.

This year is very funny, as I find myself less and less drawn to Dittos, and more and more drawn to spending time with the CLC, CITs, and the Tuccis. My mom says that you can tell a lot about a person by the people that they surround themselves with... If this is true, then I must be doing pretty darn well for myself.

...Will let you guys know the results of the Mono and Lyme's tests soon, mmm-kay?


Anonymous said...

ok, listen-

i know that i don't know EVERYTHING that goes on at awosting and i don't know EXACTLY what your review is going to be about but seriously-STOP SECOND GUESSING YOURSELF!!!

i know my husband well enough to know that he is not going to tell you terrible, horrible things!! i feel like you think he's some scary monster or something like that!! if you keep worrying about the ebners-that's just ridiculous. they're barely even around this year and they have no freaking CLUE what's happening at camp. seriously. you're excellent at what you do. tucci says NOTHING bad about you EVER.


but i'm glad that you hang out with us more :)

and if you really are scared of chris, you can talk to me and i'll protect you.

Anonymous said...

Sara D. here. I'm calling tomorrow night, which is thursday the 21st. you three look way hot. so does the new girl, but dont tell her that yet, it might creep her out. Miss you so much, that photo made me get a little misty. oh lets be honest I cried. Miss you girls sooooooo much. Things are great here. Bram and I moved to a new house in a nicer part of the hood. Here's the best part. I GOT A DOG. He's everything I ever dreamed of. Eddie is his name. I didn't choose it, his previous owner did. I wanted to name him Milhouse, but he's a year old and I thought that it might confuse him. His favorite activity is to silently rip ass in a room and then bomb out. Write me soon
landlocked in the armpit of america

Anonymous said...

P.S. sorry about the mono or lyme disease. hope you feel better soon.

Sara Dilks said...

YO YO YO I have a blog now dancemonkeyfever at the same place you do. I posted some stuff for you gals already.

Ron said...

It was good to see you too, of course.

But fear not sickypants..I'm coming back next week. New developments. How? I haven't figured that part out yet..

But I'll be there somehow.

Sara Dilks said...

MORE MORE MORE give me more.
I know you're busy, but come on man, give a junkie a hit.

Anonymous said...

I know you got de internet access