Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I know Tyler says he's the worst Blogger in the world, but....

Pretty sure I come in second.

Good news...The CLC now has an internet connection. Holla!!!!
I promise I'll try my best to write more often.

I've been very paranoid today, as I got a tick last night (in a very personal and hilarious area, might I add), but he was accidentally squished a bit when he was removed, and I'm worried that a little chunk of my tick pal, who I named 'Pete Fairfax', is still inside of me, having a blast. A huge thanks to Nicole for being comfortable enough with me to be able to remove Pete even though it involved a bit of bad-touch.

I'm pretty darn tired, but having a blast. With each year comes a bit more responsibility here, which isn't a bad thing, but it leaves me a bit sleepy at times.

Check out the new website: www.awosting.com/summer . Dryer did such a great job!!!

Camp is rad, I'm pretty pleased with the way my classes are going, and I don't think the CLC could be any more awesome. I feel like I should get Tucci to talk to the girls and tell them to tone down the awesomeness a bit, because they are making me look a lot less awesome compared to them.
I love you, girls!!!

Miss you guys.

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