Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sarah P. Loves Awosting.

There, I said it...I love Awosting. I love the kids, I love the staff, I even love my bosses....

I love my classes, but I feel like no one else does. :( I teach all day, and I'm super excited about it, but I feel that admin hates my program, and that it's just not good enough. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, but it makes me sad. My attendance has never been high in my activity, but my numbers have not dropped from previous years at all, and the kids that show up seem to have a blast. However, I feel like my program, in the eyes of the office, is boring and uncreative. I'm trying my best, but feel like photography is getting a pretty bad reputation right now, and it's all my fault. The stupid part is that I have not had any indication that the office actually dislikes my activity, but unfortunately I have had nothing to counteract my gut feelings, where as it seems as if the other activities are showered with praise. Maybe they just feel that I don't need it...It just makes me sad when I feel as if I'm doing a good job, but have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that others see things completely differently. I need to make the office love me again, and it may involve some sort of wacky scheme (most likely a scenario where I save some of the Ebner children from an erupting volcano, and then buy the Tuccis a big-screen TV with my prize money). I'll keep you guys posted.

In better news, I think I am headed down to North Carolina after camp with Mr. Whitehouse. Richard would like me to spend more time with the boys, and is having me stay for a bit. I couldn't be more excited, as I do my best to stay in the boys' life, but it's hard to be a proper influence on them from a million miles away. I'll probably stay until the end of September...

Besides the insecure photo-teacher side of me, today was a lovely day....A really lovely day.


Ron said...

Time for some positive Roninforcement.

You are an amazing teacher. Matt Denstedt told me so. :)

But seriously, you are obviously fantastic. Having worked with you, I know how much time you put into your work, staying in the photo cabin until the wee hours. Most people - especially those who don't have their own cabin - wouldn't put that kind of time into it.

I respect your effort, your ability and interest in trying to do new thing constantly.

Trust me, if Buzz didn't like what you were'd know it.

You are fantastic, you know as well as I do that no matter how cool the kids..1st session doesn't hold a candle to 2nd and it'll get better and you'll feel even cooler as the summer goes on.

If that's not enough, I'll be in town this week. Probably on Tuesday, as I won't show up really late Monday. So after breakfast on Tuesday or perhaps before that..I'll be there in the flesh..ready to spend the rest of the week toccerifying things and seeing folks and such.

Anyway, hang in there and smile. You're super! I mean it!!

Anonymous said...

Sara D. here. Stop being insecure. Your activity is awesome. There is not a counselor there who could make the photo-hut cut. Write me back Miss you and CLC hardcore, triple x even.