Friday, July 29, 2005

Finally! A much-due update...

The top two photos are from last night's social (Sarah B and Melony were on their day off). Jenny put these outfits together, and I was pretty proud of her, even if they were mildly camp-inappropriate. Look at T-Rex's redneck outfit....Awesome!

The last one is a photo of the CLC at DJ Jeff in our 80's outfits . You can't see our legwarmers in the photo, but they sure did look magical.

So, yep, it was Lyme's disease. I am on antibiotics, and am feeling much better, although I'm still really sore and tired and headachey. Pat and Kev Sweeting have Lyme's now too... I think we should start a gang.

Other than the Lyme's, things have been great. Today is my day off, and T-Rex and I went to get some pirate outfits for Watersports Day. I'm not going to lie, I think the CLC will make great pirate wenches.

Cabin 16 had another dance-off last night, but we just used the previous one that I had choreographed last session, and added a few new touches. Once again, we schooled the girls, and probably made them cry. Tucci is giving me an afternoon period this week to choreograph a new one with 1-6 for the Watersports Day social (DJ Dryer and DJ Paul!). Also, I get to organize the painting of the War Canoe paddles with the CITs... Last year when I got stuck with the responsibility, I wasn't too happy about it. However, after it was finished, I sat back in the arts and crafts room by myself and realized how much it meant to the kids. Last year's paddles ended up looking great, and I'm sure this year's will be the same.

Flutag is on Sunday....Heck yes!!!!

Real life is not fun...I want to stay here forever. Why does camp ever have to end?

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Sara Dilks said...

Some people get homesick.
I am currently campsick.